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Combating COVID-19 Challenges @ Workplace Using Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Jul 28 - 29, 2020,Virtual Platform




The COVID 19 outbreak has disrupted every business sector and instigated fear across society. Enterprises need to revisit their processes to assess probable risk due to current pandemic on health and safety of its stakeholders. During this critical time, it is important to look for an effective platform to identify, integrate and implement the essential control measures for the prevention of the spread of Corona Virus at its workplace.

OH&SMS based on either OHSAS 18001 or ISO 45001 provides us basic framework to identify and manage health and safety risks within the organization and helps us establish a mechanism for systematically identifying the occupational hazards related to COVID 19, including controls for mitigation and its effective monitoring on continuous basis. It emphasizes the need for a systematic approach to identify occupational hazards including biological hazards, define necessary controls and ensure that the same is communicated to employees across relevant levels and functions effectively. This will also help organizations in ensuring effective compliance to the Government guidelines and directives and ensure business continuity without any further disruptions in the challenging times.

Even post COVID 19 scenario, the controls that are required to be continued to ensure Business Continuity and Social Protection, it is necessary to understand how to integrate the biological hazard and risk-based controls into the OH&SMS.

This program is designed keeping in view the current and future requirements related to Social protection and to suit requirements of all enterprises irrespective of its size, sectors, and scale. The effective use of OH&S Management System framework will help them implement appropriate controls and ensure safety of its stakeholders on continuous basis.





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