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Enhancing Public and Private Investment in Disaster Reduction to ensure sustainable development- Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Disaster Risk Reduction

Mar 19, 2019


India launches private sector alliance ARISE-INDIA to reduce disaster losses and risks


NEW DELHI, 19 March 2019: Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Disaster Risk Reduction Ms Mami Mizutori, yesterday highlighted the importance of private sector in preventing and reducing the existing disaster related risks.


Speaking at the launch of ARISE INDIA organised by FICCI, Ms Mami said the new group ARISE India would "turn the private sector�s attention to the importance of action before a disaster strikes and to take advantage of opportunities that emerge to build back better after a disaster hit."


Ms Mami added that DRR offers a suitable tool to enhance business resilience but also offers business case for implementation. "As captains of industry, you hold enormous influence within your own domains and your communities. Through the investments you make and the decisions you take, you directly impact the built world around us."


Gen N C Vij, Chairman  FICCI Committee UN ARISE DM said that it is vital for the Indian economy that the private sector is resilient to the impacts of disaster and climate risks. He further added that ARISE India is a great step forward in increasing understanding of disaster risk among business circles and will help the country to meet the targets for reducing disaster losses set out in the global plan, the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.


Lt. Gen. N C Marwah, Member, NDMA, said that ARISE INDIA will also have presence in the SAARC and ASEAN region and private sector will play an important role in developing it further. He also urged the corporate sector to invest and work on developing infrastructure for early disaster warning systems and assured government's support to ARISE INDIA.


Mr Anil Sinha, Co-Chairman, FICCI Committee UN ARISE DM said that private sector entities have large untapped potential to help provide skilled services in the form of technical manpower or in-kind donations of goods or services for preparedness & response phase of Disaster Management. For sustained survival of private sector, contingency planning is vital to survival of business entities that invest in building community resilience against disasters.  He also said that Integrating disaster risk reduction into investment decisions is the most cost-effective way to reduce the risks; investing in disaster risk reduction is therefore a pre-condition for developing sustainable in a changing climate.


Brig. (Dr) BK Khanna, Lead Senior Consultant, FICCI, while sharing the Vision of ARISE INDIA, said that private sector can play a major role in mainstreaming disaster management not only in its own operations but also in other sectors and community. He said that ARISE INDIA will create a platform for DRR in the private sector with international support and urged the companies related to DRR to take advantage of the opportunities by becoming its member.

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