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Technology crucial but cannot replace Human in Human Resources: HR Experts

May 30, 2019

Hire for the company, not for the job

 NEW DELHI, 30 May 2019: "Technology is immensely helpful, but it cannot replace the 'Human' in 'Human Resources', said Mr Ranjan Kumar Mohapatra, Director - HR, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd today, at FICCI. He also shared that Indian corporates need to focus on internal talent mobility and quality of resources rather than quantity only.


A 'Talent Acquisition Conference 2019' was organised for the first time by FICCI, on the theme of 'Attract-Assess-Acquire', in the backdrop of a paradigm shift in talent acquisition ecosystem and philosophies.


Mr Anil Sachdev, Founder and CEO, School of Inspired Leadership said that interviewers should be mindful during talent acquisition process and not let their assumptions and perceptions come in the way. Talent acquisition is actually a talent appreciation process, he said.


"A candidate should be hired for the organisation and not for a specific job as the job can disappear or change," he added.


The day-long conference deliberated on important issues like Talent Acquisition Strategies, New Age Practices and Leveraging Technology with leading HR professionals from across the country.


FICCI-Strat-Board Report on 'Talent Acquisition Philosophies India 2019 & Beyond - Rethinking TA Fundamentals' was also released during the event.


Talent Acquisition Philosophies India 2019 & Beyond


Key findings and the road ahead:


1.     Availability of the right talent pool and candidate quality remains an industry wide challenge

2.       Job sites remain the favourite sourcing channel for the industry

  1. Gig economy continues to mature across the board
  2. HR/TA needs greater skills, depth and possible re-prioritization to cast a strong employer brand
  3. Consumerization of HR and a strong candidate experience will be the key differentiators
  4. The new world of assessments is here to stay
  5. Quality of hire is most critical outcome from TA
  6. Diversity and inclusion needs greater commitment
  7. Selection biases need careful sensitization
  8. The speed of technology adoption needs to go up



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