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Make in Madhya Pradesh and serve the nation: Sanjay Kumar Shukla, Principal Secretary, Industrial Policy and Investment Promotion, Govt of Madhya Pradesh

Apr 03, 2021

NEW DELHI, 03 April 2021: Mr Sanjay Kumar Shukla, Principal Secretary, Industrial Policy, and Investment Promotion at Govt of Madhya Pradesh today said that the state is geographically located at the centre of India and has the potential to emerge as a logistics hub for the country.

Addressing the webinar on Logistics: An Instrumental Catalyst for AtmaN_MP@23 organised by FICCI, Mr Shukla said businesses located in any part of India can serve the entire country efficiently if they set up their industries in Madhya Pradesh. Logistics are already part of the industrial plan for the Madhya Pradesh government and the improved connectivity of MP with other states in all directions has caught the eye of all key businesses, he said.

As the logistics and transport market has entered a technological transformation, the transport companies need to be prepared to adapt to the change through digital platforms, said Mr Shukla.  Digital platforms, he said, could easily transform the conventional logistics market by delivering the products more rapidly and efficiently.

Speaking on the challenges of the logistics sector, he said that there has been a huge delay in land activities and the states need to speed up land-related activities so that rail constructions can be taken up rapidly.

"Delays are not acceptable today and we have to achieve the situation of efficiency by cutting down time," he said. The stronger and efficient logistics system we have in the country will be better for the Indian economy, said Mr Shukla.

Speaking on the policies in Madhya Pradesh, he said, "We have created a dedicated cell for logistics with a single point of contact for faster clearances, we also hope to increase employment with skilled manpower in the logistic sector."

Mr Tushar Jani, Group Chairman, Cargo Service Center said that Madhya Pradesh is the centre of India and our research says that northern Madhya Pradesh has a great opportunity for being a domestic e-Commerce hub. Madhya Pradesh has a huge source of skilled manpower and we need logistic institutes to create a data-based India.

Mr Satish Lakkaraju, CCO, Agility Logistics said that logistics is an ecosystem that needs to build and we need to leverage on the people we have within the state. Education institutions must be leveraged with courses on logistics relevant to the markets. He further mentioned that people need connectivity, as connectivity attracts business. He urged the government to develop the air connectivity in Madhya Pradesh for further growth of industries.

Mr Satyam Choudhary, Sr Director- Supply Chain, Flipkart said e-Commerce is a model built around connecting production and consumption. The backbone of a thriving economy has been the MSME that needed access to the national market. The logistic sector allows the other industries to become competitive.

Mr Abhishek Gupta, Chairman, FICCI Young Leaders Forum Madhya Pradesh said the idea of Atmanirbhar Bharat can be built around three fundamentals-local manufacturing, local markets, and local supply chains. Logistics he said, has emerged as top employment generating sector during the pandemic.