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FICCI-GFI India Smart Protein Summit going 'mission mode' to establish smart protein as a key pillar of India's new green economy

Oct 13, 2022

NEW DELHI, 13 October 2022: Mr Varun Desphande, President, GFI Asia announced the launch of FICCI- GFI India Smart Protein Center for Excellence to provide the much-needed support for uplifting Indian smart protein ecosystem. "The challenges we face before us, in terms of food safety and security are growing. We think that smart protein - meat, eggs, and dairy made from plants, cells, and microorganisms - is one of our best bets for a more sustainable, secure, and just food supply." Given the World Health Organization's warnings that we may soon be living in a post-antibiotic era due to antimicrobial resistance and that 75 percent of infections are likely to be foodborne in the future, we need to transform our protein supply.

Addressing the 'Smart Protein Summit 2022', organized by FICCI and the Good Food Institute India (GFI India) with support from the Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI), APEDA, and FSSAI, Mr Deshpande reiterated the need to become Atmanirbhar in the smart protein arena as well. "We have crop diversity, a globally competitive talent pool, and hundreds of people working on this opportunity - many of whom you see here in the room. We need an enabling policy environment for the sector to grow and thrive."

Mr Siraj Hussain, Advisor FICCI Food Processing Division & former Union Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture & Food Processing, GoI shared, "Smart protein may be a new concept, but it is a sector with immense global potential. FICCI is very excited to partner with GFI India to transform our food system.  There's an enormous opportunity for the smart protein sector to create linkages with Indian farmers and ensure that the protein supply comes from local producers."

Speaking about the paradigm shift in Indian Smart Protein Sector, Mr Siraj Azmat Chaudhry, Former Chair FICCI Food Processing Committee and Chairman, National Commodities Management Services Limited (NCML) said, "I see this as the revenge of the underdog. In India, there's a saying, 'ghar ki murgi dal barabar' and now we have dals and pulses coming back to compete with meat! The growth of this sector will allow farmers to diversify from cereal crops to diverse protein rich crops like pulses and millets." Beyond producers, smart protein has the potential to improve dietary choices and nutrition for consumers as well.

Dr Sudhanshu, Secretary, APEDA said, "Our citizens have the right to safe food. When we innovate with new products, they should be accessible to the common masses. Smart protein also provides a new platform for entrepreneurs to prosper, and this way India can keep pace with global trends."

The Smart Protein Summit has been designed by GFI India and FICCI to propel India to the forefront of the global race for smart protein innovation. Following the inaugural address, Deloitte partner Anand Ramanathan and Varun Dehspande unveiled for the first time, topline numbers on the market size and export potential of smart protein from a rigorous study by GFI India and Deloitte India. 'The Smart Protein Economic Analysis' delves deep into the smart protein economic opportunity for India, shedding light on avenues for job creation and India's potential to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of raw materials, and equipment for smart protein globally by 2030.

Smart protein is an essential pillar of this bioeconomy and over the course of the two-day Summit, GFI India, FICCI, and all the event's supporters aim to demonstrate just how valuable this burgeoning sector could be to India's new green economy.

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