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India’s AI prowess is evident in its skilled talent pool, and vibrant startup landscape: Abhishek Singh, President & CEO; NeGD

Sep 01, 2023

Govt working towards bolstering AI computing capacity and fostering research to retain India’s leadership in AI sector

NEW DELHI, 01 September 2023: Mr Abhishek Singh, President & CEO, NeGD; MD & CEO Digital India Corporation (DIC) and CEO Karmayogi Bharat, Ministry of Electronics and IT, Government of India yesterday while highlighting the strengths and opportunities of artificial intelligence (AI) in India said, “India's AI prowess, is evident in its skilled talent pool and vibrant startup landscape. Building on this, MeitY along with industry and academia is working towards bolstering our AI compute capacity and fostering research to enable us to retain our leadership in Artificial Intelligence.”

Addressing the 5th edition of AI India Conclave: Innovating with AI: Pioneering a New Era of Indian Industry and Society, organized by FICCI, jointly with the Ministry of Electronics and IT, Government of India organised Mr. Arvind Kumar, Director General, Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), Government of India, stated, "AI is not only changing the world around us, it is also forging a closer, more interactive, and highly efficient connection between technology and society."

The session also witnessed the release of a FICCI-EY report on ‘Exponential trajectories of growth in the India cloud computing landscape’, and Mr Abhinav Johri, Partner, EY while sharing the key findings of a report said, “Our country is embracing a cloud and data-driven revolution, as pioneering enterprises are now leveraging cost-focused cloud technologies to craft new-age digital ecosystems.”

Mr Mohit Kapoor, Chairman, AI & Digital Transformation Committee, FICCI & Chief Technology Officer, Mahindra Group, talked about the trajectory of AI's integration into the fabric of Indian business and society. “Indian Stack is already doing wonders and AI's integration will further empower a data-rich nation to harness digital innovation for inclusive growth and transformative solutions,” he added.

Mr Kanishka Agiwal, Co-Chairman, AI and Digital Transformation Committee, FICCI and Head - Service Lines, Public Sector, India/South Asia, Amazon Web Services delivered the vote of thanks.

Following the inaugural session, the conclave delved into a power packed CXO Session on ‘AI Leadership: Navigating the Future’. Under the moderation of Mr Mohit Kapoor, industry leaders including Ms Shalini Kapoor, President & Chief Technologist, AWS India, Ms Irina Ghose, Managing Director, Microsoft India, Dr Om P. Manchanda, Managing Director, Dr Lal PathLabs Ltd, and Mr Sandeep Dutta, Chief Practice Officer, APAC, Fractal.AI, discussed the strategic vision, ethical considerations, and organizational transformation required for successful AI implementation in India.

Ms. Irina Ghose said, “AI is a defining technology of our time, and we are optimistic about what AI can do for people, industry, and society. Sign language is an important communication tool as it helps bridge communication barriers between people. We are investing and collaborating in programs that provide technology, resources, and expertise to empower those in remote areas and create a more sustainable, safe and accessible world.”

Ms Shalini Kapoor, President & Chief Technologist, AWS India Private Limited, talked about the role of AI in the healthcare sector, and said, “The field of healthcare has become increasingly important in India, especially after the COVID pandemic. It is essential to understand and manage patient care effectively, including mental wellness, reaching out to citizens to provide access to healthcare facilities. Scalability is also critical in delivering healthcare services, and this is where cloud and AI-based technology solutions can help bridge the needs. AI is revolutionizing this field as AI solutions are powering diagnosis and treatment and driving interactive patient care as well”. 

While talking about the AI Adoption in India Mr Sandeep Dutta, stated, “When aiming for successful outcomes, it is crucial to consider the framework we use in the process. While we may focus on developing the right algorithm and conducting a POC, we must also remain mindful of scalability and adoption. In AI projects should keep users at the centre of our efforts.”

Dr Om P. Manchanda further talked about the digital revolution in the healthcare sector and stated “It's amazing how AI technology can take existing data from around the world and present it in a clear and organized way. By identifying symptoms and their corresponding data, AI can even help diagnose diseases. The potential for AI in healthcare is immense, as it can process information far beyond human capabilities,” he added.

The other sessions delved into critical domains, such as Harnessing the Potential of Generative AI, Agricultural Technology (Agritech), AI and Data Analytics for Sustainable Agriculture, Ethical Considerations in AI, Assistive Technologies for Social Welfare and Empowerment, and the Confluence of Cybersecurity and AI. These discussions not only facilitated brainstorming but also fostered collaboration, propelling India toward a future where AI-driven breakthroughs drive both industrial progress and societal advancements.

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