Asia-Africa AgriBusiness Forum Background Knowledge Paper

February 2014 | Africa
Agriculture has been a focus sector in Asian and African countries for decades, but the major attention was towards increasing production and productivity. In the current scenario, where the agriculture sector is growing at a remarkable rate, the need is to focus not only on increasing the production or productivity but also on promoting agri-business. The report draws attention on major agriculture sub-sectors of both the continents. It provides analysis of various sub-sectors in terms of production, demand and supply, export potential and processing capability. This in turn helps to identify various business and investment opportunities in the agriculture sector of both Asia and Africa.

The report also examines various constraints towards the development of agribusiness sector. Many of these constraints are well identified while some are specific to individual value chain which needs to be addressed in a specific manner. The report discuss challenges majorly in areas like market policies, increasing agriculture input accessibility, access to finance, infrastructure enhancement, skill development etc. and discusses probable ways to overcome these challenges. In conclusion, the report reviews various practical suggestions for overall development of agri-business sector in Asia and Africa. Although it broadly covers agribusiness opportunities in both the continents, the huge diversity in agro-ecology, business environment and difference in market conditions requires specific adaptation according to local requirements.

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