Acknowledging the best 2012-13

March 2014 | CSR
FICCI instituted India's first corporate social responsibility (CSR) award in 1999 to encourage corporate participation in inclusive growth. The award recognizes efforts of the companies which engage in CSR in a strategic and systematic manner and integrate it with their overall corporate strategy. Over the years, the award has not just grown in size but in stature and is presently recognized as one of the most coveted awards in the area of CSR. The initiative has given various companies an opportunity to showcase exemplary initiatives taken by them. The award not only witnesses the acknowledgment of India Inc. for their CSR best practices but also captures the best CSR practices through the annual award booklet "Acknowledging the best 2012-13". That booklet highlights the CSR initiatives of 46 companies in India along with the details of the award assessment process, partners and jury.

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