Theme Paper of Digital Rajasthan Conclave: Transforming Lives through Technology

August 2017 | Rajasthan
The internet and mobile communication are an integral part of our day-to-day lives. Most developed countries acknowledge the importance of internet and mobile governance not only in their economy and citizen welfare but also in its overall role in the development of modern states. Besides, internet and mobile communication technologies are continually evolving with better and efficient solutions.

The Indian public sector is a complex system as it is centralized in terms of governance and undertakes responsibility for service delivery but is disconnected with respect to data sharing and organizational structure, which lead to austere effects.

Rajasthan has implemented an integrated and unified e-Governance Framework. It is also committed to join the digital wave by planning various initiatives involving disruptive technologies such as application of the Internet of things in water resource management for real-time visibility of water assets.

This paper examines the surge in the implementation of digital technologies across two themes: sectors and solutions.

1. Sectors: The role of digitalization has moved beyond automation, and the evolving technologies can be utilized across various focus sectors of Digital Rajasthan, such as Health, Identity management, Citizen and service delivery, Transport, Tax and public finance, Agriculture.

2. Solutions: Governments aim to improve delivery of public services and meet citizens’ expectations by considering implementation of the following emerging and disruptive technologies in their existing practices Cyber security, Blockchain, Smart cities, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud technologies, Digital payments, Robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI), Analytics.

The opportunities in the digital era are limitless and without precedent. This paper explores the potential opportunities for governments to aid their digital enablement programs.

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