A wider circle: Digital lending and the changing landscape of financial inclusion

December 2019 | Karnataka
The low level of financial inclusion is a barrier to socio-economic development in developing countries. Financial inclusion can be better achieved with digital technology. Digital technology improves the accessibility and affordability of financial services for the previously unbanked or underbanked individuals and MSMEs.

With the Government of India (GoI) and regulators pushing for improved digital financial infrastructure, digital lending has provided a strong impetus to financial inclusion, especially helping borrowers who are otherwise unlikely to benefit from formal sources of finance. New lending platforms are transforming credit evaluation and loan origination, as well as opening consumer lending to non-traditional sources of capital. Many emerging innovations leverage advanced algorithms and computing power to automate activities that were once highly manual, allowing them to offer cheaper, faster, and more scalable alternative financial products and services. The major business opportunities in the FinTech lending industry are cluster-centred funding, point-of-sale (POS)-based lending, peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, invoice-based lending, cash flow-based lending and online microcredit.

This report aims to provide incumbent banks, non-banking financial companies (NBFCs), new-age FinTech lenders, regulators, industries and other stakeholders with a comprehensive view of the FinTech lending landscape in India, and helps to understand key market trends, drivers and enablers of the ecosystem, emerging technologies in the lending sector and players operating in the market.

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