New Age Energy Minerals

May 2023 | Mining
Rare earth elements as well as battery minerals such as lithium, cobalt, nickel, and graphite form the core for new age energy minerals. The demand for these minerals is going to witness a rising trend as India moves towards 2047, enabled by rising demand from traditional sectors such as steel, alloys, electrical applications, as well as from emerging applications such as e-mobility, renewable energy, nuclear & defence.

Therefore, it becomes imperative for stakeholders to identify opportunities and challenges to meet the forecasted demand, augment production with enhanced technology adoption & increased efficiencies and ensure uninterrupted supply of new age energy minerals without supply chain & price fluctuations.

Acknowledging the above and the importance of exploration and production of these minerals for the Indian Mining Industry, this report has been prepared to identify the opportunities, challenges and recommend the way forward to make India self-reliant in such minerals.

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