Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace

May 2023 | Private Security

FICCI - SS Rana & Co Report on Women Safety at Workplace is a compendium about the laws and issues pertaining to sexual harassment at workplace and the POSH Act, 2013 in India. Considering the dearth of existing literature on the subject, the Report addresses myriad critical concerns emerging from sexual harassment at workplace. It clearly defines the attributes of the sexual harassment and the workplaces under the scope of the POSH Act. It describes composition and jurisdiction of internal committee, complaint mechanism, relief and compensation, role of various departments, other applicable laws around POSH in India. Highlighting the need for organisations to be POSH complaint, a section in the report lists key measures to be practiced towards compliance and penalties subjected to non-compliance. The report also touches upon the applicability of POSH on unorganized sector in India, and how workplace sexual harassment is seen and addressed in some of the other countries.

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