India’s cloud and data revolution

August 2023 | Technology

Exponential trajectories of growth in the India cloud computing landscape

The Indian cloud computing landscape is on an exponential growth trajectory with significant implications for the country's economy and technological innovation. By 2047, India is poised to become a US$26 billion GDP economic superpower, driven by a population of 1.64 billion digitally-savvy consumers demanding a wide range of digital services. Indian enterprises are rapidly transforming their digital services to meet these demands. Consumer-facing technology is becoming context-aware and intelligent through deep learning algorithms. Supply chain platforms are transitioning to real-time and resilient architectures. Knowledge workers are empowered by smart AI-enabled assistants. All of this is happening within an agile, frugal innovation framework. At the core of these transformations lies cloud computing, which is constantly evolving in response to consumer needs. India has emerged as a global hub for designing and offering digital services, attracting Global Capability Centers (GCCs) from international companies. Cloud computing, especially public cloud services, has become the linchpin for Indian enterprises to leap into the future. Previously seen as a cost-reduction strategy, cloud adoption has surged, driven by COVID-accelerated digital transformation and investments in technologies like edge computing, high-performance computing, and AI/ML. India's talent pool in cloud-related fields is expected to grow significantly, with demand for cloud professionals across various industries intensifying. Traditional enterprises are becoming 'cloud first' companies, while startups have long embraced the cloud for innovation. Cloud computing is not only driving cost optimization but also enabling data and analytics capabilities. Hybrid cloud approaches are gaining popularity for scalability and security benefits. Looking ahead, unique Indian cloud computing trends are emerging, such as industry clouds and sustainability clouds. The government's digital initiatives, like Aadhaar and UPI, are bolstering cloud adoption. However, challenges persist, including cost optimization and talent shortages. Some organizations have not achieved expected cost savings, and transparency in cloud costs is essential. Bridging the talent gap is crucial for India to sustain its cloud adoption momentum.

The report talks about India's cloud computing landscape and its pivotal in driving economic growth and technological advancement. Indian enterprises are at the forefront of innovation, leveraging cloud services to gain a competitive edge. As India continues its journey towards digitization, cloud computing will remain a cornerstone of its success.

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