National Framework on Career Guidance and Counselling

October 2023 | Skill Development

Career Guidance is an essential component of modern education and training systems. The proposed framework in this paper offers guidelines for shaping and implementing career education and guidance policy at various levels of an individual learning pathways- from School to Professional world. This document was written in consultation with a large number of stakeholders from Academia, Industry, Practitioners, Government, Regulatory Bodies and subject matter experts. As an early stage with the objective of creating a National level Policy Framework on Career Guidance, Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, GoI partnered with FICCI and UNDP (with Disha Project in partnership with IKEA Foundation) India to leverage the synergies between existing career guidance related efforts. The National workshop held on August 28, 2019 had participation from over 80 organisations including government, private and public sector.

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