NOURISHING INDIA SUSTAINABLY Ecosystem Actions for Food Systems Transformation

June 2024 | Food Processing

India is experiencing a gradual shift in consumption patterns, driven by the increasing affluence of its population and an increased awareness of health and nutrition. As dietary preferences evolve, it’s imperative that we serve the new consumer plate in an innovative and sustainable manner. This brings with it the imperative to scale up agricultural productivity and diversify crops to include key emerging healthier food groups, while ensuring resilience and sustainability across the supply chain. Our food systems also need to innovate to be able to balance health, taste, and affordability to meet the evolving needs of the future Indian consumers. However, realizing this vision entails overcoming several systemic challenges.

The whitepaper not only highlights the challenges inherent in achieving these goals but also proposes an ecosystem-level coalition plan designed to drive coordinated efforts across the industry. 

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