FICCI@100 : 1025 days to go
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Request for Settlement of Awards (PPP projects) under Vivad-se-Vishwaas II scheme where Specific Performance of the Contract is required.
Ministry : Road Transport & Highways
Suggestions for boosting Indian exports in Railways and ensuring long term sustainability of private sector investments
Ministry : Railways
Proposal for Restarting Passenger Ship Service between Lakshadweep and Calicut Port (Beypore Port), Kerala.
Ministry : Ports, Shipping & Waterways
FICCI Bank - Fintech Partnership Taskforce White Paper
Ministry : Finance
GST on Movement of Agricultural Produce through Multi-Modal Transportation
Ministry : Finance
Problems faced by Industry in supply of wheel sets for Rolling stocks (Wagons & Locomotives)
Ministry : Railways
Implementation of Expected Loss Method (ELM) rating for Indian infrastructure sector
Ministry : Finance
Union Budget Analysis 2022-23
Request for Migration of BOT Terminals under different Tariff regimes to market determined pricing in view of enactment of the Major Port Authorities (MPA) Act, 2021 and Tariff Guidelines, 2021
Ministry : Ports, Shipping & Waterways
FICCI NBFC Committee Recommendations for Union Budget 2022-23
FICCI Fintech Committee Recommendations for Union Budget 2022-23
Suggestions for Union Budget 2022-23
Pre - Budget Memorandum 2022-23
FICCI Recommendations: Union Budget 2022-23
Stakeholder Suggestions on Delhi High Court Intellectual Property Division Rules 2021
Suggestions to Promote Export from West Bengal, August 2021
FICCI Submission on Proposed Copyright Act Amendment
FICCI Budget Recommendations (2021-22) - Housing & Real Estate
FICCI Budget Recommendations (2021-22)
FICCI HEAL recommendations
FICCI Recommendations for Unlock 5.0
FICCI Submission on Decriminalization of Offenses Under Copyright Act 1957
Post COVID Support Required to Electric Vehicles: FICCI Recommendations to Government
FICCI Recommendations on the Draft UAS Rules 2020
FICCI Representation for Costing of COVID-19 beds for Private Sector
Levying of Demurrage and Detention Charges for lockdown period despite Government Notifications
Ministry : Ports, Shipping & Waterways
COVID-19 Scenario - Emerging Role of Drones in India
Additional Measures to be considered by Indian Railways amid outbreak of COVID 19
Ministry : Railways
Extending all the Port Concessions by 1 year (i.e. from 30 years to 31 years
Ministry : Ports, Shipping & Waterways
Immediate Measures to be considered amid outbreak of COVID-19
Ministry : Road Transport & Highways
FICCI Submission on Standard Essential Patents related Issues in India
FICCI Submission on the Draft Patent (Amendment) Rules, 2019
FICCI Submission on the Draft Copyright (Amendment) Rules, 2019
FICCI Submission on the Draft Patent (Amendment) Rules, 2018
FICCI - ARISE Recommendations on draft national education policy 2019
Representation made to Industry, Commerce and Enterprises Department, Government of West Bengal on Logistics Sector Development in West Bengal
FICCI Pre-Budget recommendations for 2019-20
FICCI HEAL 2018: Recommendations
Policy Recommendations for a New BIMSTEC
FICCI's Submission on the DIPP's Discussion Paper on Standard Essential Patents and their Availability on FRAND Terms - Additional Points
Union Budget Analysis 2017-18
Highlights Economic Survey 2016-17
Recommendations of the Taskforce on International Migration and Diaspora
FICCI's Pre-Budget Memorandum 2017-18
FICCI's Suggestions on approach to the GST Rates and Comments on draft Model GST Law
FICCI's Submission on the DIPP's Discussion Paper on Standard Essential Patents and their Availability on FRAND Terms
Recommendations on the Draft of "The Geospatial Information Regulation Bill, 2016"
Union Budget Analysis 2016-17
FICCI Submission on USTR Special 301 Review 2016
FICCI's Suggestions on Draft Patents (Amendment) Rules, 2015
FICCI's Recommendations on Draft Trademark Rules, 2015
Highlights Economic Survey 2015-16
Highlights Railway Budget 2016-17
Pre-Budget Memorandum 2016-2017
FICCI Note on Pressing Issues of India Textiles Industry
FICCI Note for Replacement Policy for Diesel Commercial Vehicles
Union Budget Analysis 2015-16
Leveraging the Science and Art of Project Management to realize Make in India
FICCI's Recommendations for the Science, Technology & Innovation Sector
FICCI Suggestions on Proposed IPR Policy
FICCI's Agenda for Economic Growth
National Asset Management Company: A Concept
Enabling India...
FICCI AIOE Suggestion for Labour Policy Reforms
FICCI's Suggestions to Mr Santosh Gangwar, Minister for Textiles
FICCI's Wish List for Health Care and Life Sciences
Enable India Suggestions for The Imperative & The Important for the new Government
Tamil Nadu Industrial Policy
Vision Tamil Nadu 2023 ,Volume II
FICCI's Suggestions for National Textiles Policy 2013
Industrial Policy of Maharashtra 2013 - I
Industrial Policy of Maharashtra 2013 - II
FICCI Suggests 7-Point Package to Enhance State-Level Climate Change Initiatives
FICCI suggests measures to be taken by RBI governor
FICCI Comments on the Passage of PFRDA Bill
FICCI's Voice, September 2013
FICCI HEAL 2013: Recommendations
Proposed Guidelines for Cash Logistics companies in India
Armed Security for Cash Logistics
Discussion Paper on Private Security Agency Regulation Act 2005
FICCI's 12 Point Manufacturing Mandate
Private Security Workers - Request for categorization as Skilled / Highly Skilled workers under Central & State Minimum Wages
Safety of Women at the Workplace
FICCI's Reaction on RBI's Monetary Policy
FICCI Welcomes Monetary Policy Announcement
Industry recommends upholding the principle of equity, having a transparent compliance regime and giving centrality to market based mechanisms
Policy paper submitted to DIPP
Pre Budget Recommendations 2013-14
FICCI's Suggestions for West Bengal's Textiles Policy - 2022
USE OF GIS FOR DEVELOPMENT FICCI inputs to the Planning Commission for 12th Five Year Plan
FICCI Representation on Essential Commodities Act to Shri Anil Vasantrao Deshmukh, Hon'ble Minister of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Protection, Government of Maharashtra
iHigher Education in India: Quest for Excellencee: Recommendations
FICCI representation to Government on giving industry status to sports sector
FICCI HEAL 2012: Recommendations
Guidelines for Public Private Partnership in Housing
Suggestions regarding relaxing current FDI regulations/guidelines and for construction development sector
Economic Action Agenda
FICCI's Reaction to IIP Data for May 2012
FICCI President's Reaction on steps announced by RBI
FICCI disappointed at RBI's move
Representation on Regulating Sports Betting in India
FICCI's Reaction to IIP Data for April 2012
FICCI Welcomes Annual Supplement to Foreign Trade Policy
FICCI President's Statement on Current state of the Indian Economy
Karnataka Govt. accepts FICCI's plea to reduce stamp duty on Joint Development Agreements in realty sector
Railway Budget: Noble intentions but implementation will remain a challenge
Briefing on key issues relating to "Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Bill 2011"
Vision Tamil Nadu 2023
Issues in Infrastructure Development in India
Points for discussion on "FDI Policy - Issues in Real Estate"
FDI policy for construction and development sector
Pre Budget Recommendations 2012-13
FICCI Suggestions on Draft National Competition Policy
Ministry of Information & Broadcasting Issued Notices to Combat piracy of Films & Music
FICCI President on Companies Bill, 2011
Amendments In the Current Administrative Set up of Indian Intellectual Property Office
FICCI's Suggestions on Proposed National Intellectual Property Policy
FICCI Reaction on Draft MMDR Act
FICCI HEAL 2011: Recommendations
FICCI Suggestions on Discussion Paper on Utility model Proposed by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP)
FICCI Recommendations on Medical Electronics
FICCI Recommendations on National Sports Development Bill 2011
FICCI President welcomes PM's approval for national manufacturing policy
FICCI calls for direct purchase of land by industry
Comprehensive PPP Policy on Infrastructure Sector to Encompass Social Sector
Seven-Point Package to Unleash Next Wave of Telecom Growth Unveiled
FICCI welcomes roll-back of service tax levy on healthcare services
FICCI Director General on Credit Policy
Budget recommendations for Film, Television, Radio and Animation, Visual effects, Gaming & Comic Sector
Pre Budget Recommendations 2011-12
FICCI Medical Electronics Forum Outlines 13-Point Strategy to Shape Industry's Future
FICCI’s Position on Section 3(D) of the Patents Act, 1970
FICCI's Position on Compulsory Licensing
Health Insurance Report-2010
FICCI Suggestions for the R&D Policy of Indian Textiles Sector
Art Industry in India: Policy Recommendations
Pre Budget Recommendations 2010-11
Standardisation Initiatives by the FICCI Health Insurance Group
Pre Budget Recommendations 2009-10
FICCI HEAL 2008: Recommendations for the Road Ahead