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ISRO to double its launch frequency from 9-10 to about 20 in a year

Nov 20, 2017

Creating new vistas of Industry Partnerships: Leveraging volumes to cater to domestic and international space programme


NEW DELHI, 20 November 2017: The two-day International Seminar on "Indian Space Programme: Trends & Opportunities for industry" successfully commenced today at Hotel Ashok, New Delhi. The event also saw the launch of FICCI Space Compendium, which showcases the products and services available in the Space and Satellite industry in India for greater cooperation in B2B and B2G space. The seminar marks a significant milestone for the FICCI Space Division -ISRO initiative towards integrating the Indian space program with the private and public space industry.


Mr. AS Kiran Kumar, Chairman, ISRO said "the world of space is rapidly changing with technological advancements and disruptive innovation. The key to success is to significantly reduce the cost of access to space in what will prove to be an immense opportunity for the Indian and global industry". He mentioned that 'space industry in India is significantly short of capacity of our intended goals'. He also mentioned that ISRO would be doubling its launch frequency from 9-10 to about 20 in a year.


He emphasised the fact that with increasing volumes that are on offer by ISRO and other Space Agencies, it is an ideal opportunity for industry to be part of the global supply chain.


In his welcome address, Dr. Sanjaya Baru, Secretary General, FICCI emphasised that the seminar is a first of a kind initiative which not only brings the industry and ISRO closer but builds the competitive edge of Indian private sector. 


Lt. Col Ratan Shrivastava (Retd), Honorary Advisor, FICCI Space Division said "ISRO is the true flag bearer of the Make In India statement and almost 80% of the work related to Launch vehicles is being done by the Industry, both in public and private sector, which allows ISRO to focus on the core areas of  vehicle engineering, vehicle integration, mission systems and Quality Assurance."


Col. HS Shankar, VSM (Retd.) Chairman, FICCI Space Committee, mentioned that ISRO and the Industry share a Guru- Disciple relationship, where ISRO has played the role of a guide to  Indian space industry by hand holding and mentoring the upcoming and nascent private space and satellite industry. He lauded ISRO for involving more than over a hundred MSMEs as active participants in their programmes. In his position as the Chairman of the FICCI Space Committee, he reiterated FICCI�s role in facilitating coordination and integration of ISRO, Government, large and small industries, and international agencies to exchange ideas and improve industry to industry cooperation. In this regard he stated, "For cooperation in space, Sky is not the limit."


In the industry session, during the opening address Dr. Annadurai, Director ISRO Satellite Centre announced, "RFP for 30 satellites will be released today" He laid stress on role of space technology in achieving sustainable development goals, disaster management and improving important governance objectives".


The prognosis for Indian industry looks particularly bright with the immense benefits emanating from a developed space ecosystem which directly augment such widely impacting sectors such as Telecommunications, GIS, Agriculture, Meteorology, Mining and Natural resource conservation. This further translates towards creation of a huge pool of high value-high wage jobs in various advanced technology sectors.


The President of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Dy. Director General of Glavkosmos (Russia) also gave a special address during the inaugural session and reiterated their commitment to working with India in the space sector


The launch of the event was attended by key players from ISRO, the Indian space industry, DIPP, Ministry of External Affairs, Department of Space and international agencies from Japan, Russia, Singapore, USA, Germany, France  and Thailand. India is poised to become a front runner among the World�s space program by fostering partnerships in the friendly South Asian countries along with Russia and Japan.




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