Leapfrogging to Education 4.0 - Student at the Core

November 2017 | Higher Education
FICCI- EY Paper on “Leapfrogging to Education 4.0 - Student at the Core” takes the reader through the evolution of Education and suggests a roadmap to adopt and adapt to the change. The HE system in Education 4.0 will focus on the learner, supported by technology, in-person guidance and industry-relevant content to meet the learner’s individual learning needs. The report provides some pointers as to how Higher Education institutes of today prepare themselves to the changing paradigm of education. It also profiles some good practices of countries and institutes that we consider are ahead of the curve in their intent and execution. It explores how the current university model might evolve to keep pace with the changing paradigm and advent of Education 4.0 in the near future.

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