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Certification Program on Divesrity, Equity & Inclusion
Apr 19, 2024 Virtual on Zoom, 2:00 PM -6:00PM (Every Friday for 8 weeks)

The DEI certification program brought to you by FICCI in partnership with Marching Sheep will focus on building capacity in organisations in a sustainable manner rather than having a fragmented approach to DEI. Starting with a look at the evolving narrative from “Diversity” to “Diversity and Inclusion” to “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion”, it will aim at identifying interventions around unconscious bias and designing an implementable framework which drives profitability. It aims at framing contextualised diversity and inclusion strategies for the participants with respect to geographies, industries and functions in the light of current business challenges. The program will help evaluate diversity and inclusion from an intersectional lens and go beyond gender diversity.

This program is appropriate for anyone committed to build a truly inclusive work culture in their organisations which is sustainable and drives business results.
Program Deliverables:

• Understanding the evolving narrative of D&I in today’s world
• Contextualise D&I strategies with respect to geographies, industries and organisational maturity
• Improve organisational performance by leveraging a diverse talent pool along the employee life cycle from hire to exit, through a lens of intersectionality
• Exploring potential barriers that come in the way of diversity and inclusion and design solutions to overcome those obstacles
• Recognising unconscious bias and how it affects the way people perceive and react to others
• Assessing stereotypes and prejudices that may influence behavior in work groups
• Introduce a framework for a systemic approach to build a holistic and sustainable D&I strategy- a holistic 360o step by step approach
• Build an inclusive ecosystem and enhance it at every level of the organisation by: Building inclusive leadership, emphasizing the role of managers and individuals and the community

Apart from learning all the above, the participants will also have the opportunity to interact with industry leaders and gather collective wisdom with fellow participants. The certification will include Pre-reads, assignments at the end of each module, and an e-book on completion of the course.

Energy Exchange- INR 36000 + GST 18% per participant. For group discounts, send mail to




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